Factory Visit to Fetta Auto Parts, Malaysia biggest Exhaust System Manufacturers

Fetta Auto Parts Mr. Tan Poh Seng

What can I do in the off-work Saturday morning? It’s none other than joining the factory visit organized by JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur.


This week factory visit host – Fetta Auto Parts Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Fetta Auto Parts was started by Mr. Tan Poh Seng in year 1987. Main business – OEM manufacturer of exhaust systems for automotive manufacturers like (Ford, Mitshubishi etc). Core competencies are their capabilities in design and their manufacturing know-how in producing automotive parts using materials like stainless-steels and aluminum.


The morning started with networking session where Mr.Tan (the founder) introduced us to their Managing Director (Mr.Gan), HR Directors and his co-workers.

Key Takeaway:

  • Consolidate company main pillars into 4M (Man, Manufacturing, Material & Machine).
  • Main challenges – Man / Talents.
  • The founder, Mr. Tan shared his entrepreneurship journey and highlighted positive character & inner discipline are the main contributors to his early success.
  • HR director shared that they found that hiring staffs passing the age of 30s will remain at the company longer as compare to fresh graduates.


Interesting Q&A:

  • Q: How Fetta Autoparts survived the financial crisis given they have started their business in 1987?
  • A: Mr.Tan said the ability to have good market sense is important to grow a company. E.g. The company identified the potential market of custom made Kangaroo Bar for 4-wheel drive vehicle in the 1990s. They were able to identified the market by noticing the growth of the plantation sector and also the growth of the 4-wheel drive purchases in the market. They were so convinced that they purchase the Malaysia first laser cutting machine during the economic downturn (when he lamented that some of his peers labeled him as crazy-man for buying the expensive machine during the financial downturn).
  • Q: How Fetta Autoparts build their Brand?
  • A: Mr.Tan shrug off the need to pay a expensive price in Advertisement, Design and Marketing to build one company brand. He highlighted that a brand is build by genuine value a company create in the market, not the image that a company try to portray. Mr.Tan said that he priced his product slightly more expensive from day one. Highlighted that his company is smaller when he first enter the market and he can’t compete with the existing players in terms of price. Instead, Mr. Tan strategy in fixing the price works as compare to other manufacturers where the price of product fluctuate according to the raw material. On top of that, Mr. Tan choose his distributor / resellers; in the early days, he won’t sell his products in more that one shop at the same location/street.


We were lucky to be able to have a 2 hours guided tour into the factory production floor and even have access to their secret R&D department (where we saw a new car model that has yet to be launched in the market!) 😀 Unfortunately, no photos are allowed during the tour. So don’t missed the next JCI MCE factory visit, won’t know what you will learn when you hit the floor with these successful entrepreneur!

Fetta Auto Factory Visit Group Photo with Mr. Tan Poh Seng


“It’s going to sound ridiculous, if we tell you what we are trying to achieve now” Softinn interview by MMU students

Thanks to ChengWei and his team members from MMU who spent time interviewing me about my journey as entrepreneur at Softinn. Softinn is my fourth ventures that provides cloud reservation system for budget hotels. Started in late 2013, Softinn has now grown from a team of two to a team of six, our system are now powering the bookings workflow of 100 hotels and has helped transacted near to RM 1 million to-date.

Website – www.mySoftinn.com

Excel Run-time error 438: JMC Excel Error Fix

If you run into Error 438 recently with JMC Excel please use this fix below found by one of JMC Excel user (Kerry Burke). Thanks to Kerry for being kind enough to find the solution himself and send me the detail. Below are the detail of his guide. Thanks again Kerry for helping.

Hi JeeShen,

I thought I would let you know that I found the answer to Run-time error 438 appearing whenever I try to use JMC.

I discovered this is from an automatic Microsoft update that downloaded in Dec 2014 and affecting JMC as well as active X controls in Excel.

To repair, I simply had to delete all *.exd files:

del %temp%\vbe\*.exd

del %temp%\excel8.0\*.exd

del %appdata%\microsoft\forms\*.exd

del %appdata%\microsoft\local\*.exd

del %appdata%\Roaming\microsoft\forms\*.exd

del %temp%\word8.0\*.exd

del %temp%\PPT11.0\*.exd

Everything works again!  Hope this helps you should you receive any other emails regarding this error.


Kind Regards,

Kerry Burke

Below are the reference sites Kerry quoted: