Open Source ASP MVC Web Applicatin Project Template – BvAspMvcTemplate


Creating websites and web applications used to be my day-to-day job (now, luckily; I have a team to assist me). Anyway, this blog post is not about my startup but it’s about something I wish I had when I create web application project. Imagine if I could create a new project that always includes all the “Must-Have” elements in my web project instead of getting the default empty ASP MVC template (from Visual Studio) and then adding those items myself. For example, I love AngularJS & Font-Awesome; I don’t want to install them manually every time I create a new project. Hence, the born of this project template. The source code is available on GitHub –

Below are the guides on how to install the project template to your Visual Studio.

1. Download from

2. Saved it to VS project templates folder. Mine looks like C:\Users\JeeShen\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Templates\ProjectTemplates

3. Launch Visual Studio > New Project. If done correctly, you can choose to use BvAspMvcTemplate.


Below is a sample project that I created using the project template. And also the website out of the box (not even a single line of code yet!)

Feel free to contribute to this project and send me Pull Request at GitHub. Thanks!



List of IHttpActionResult in ASP MVC

Prior ASP MVC 4, we need to use HttpResponseMessage to return a result on each HTTP call. The code will look something like var msg = new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.Created); or throw new HttpResponseException(HttpStatusCode.Conflict); which serve us well.

Recently ASP MVC release a “cleaner” methods to return RESTFUL result which is super-cool but I can’t seems to find a table any where else that list all the out of the box methods. So, I compile one here. Please share if you found new one or wrote a custom result. Below are the list of method that implement IHttpActionResult

  • Ok
  • NotFound
  • Exception
  • Unauthorized
  • BadRequest
  • Conflict
  • Redirect
  • InvalidModelState