Excel Run-time error 438: JMC Excel Error Fix

If you run into Error 438 recently with JMC Excel please use this fix below found by one of JMC Excel user (Kerry Burke). Thanks to Kerry for being kind enough to find the solution himself and send me the detail. Below are the detail of his guide. Thanks again Kerry for helping.

Hi JeeShen,

I thought I would let you know that I found the answer to Run-time error 438 appearing whenever I try to use JMC.

I discovered this is from an automatic Microsoft update that downloaded in Dec 2014 and affecting JMC as well as active X controls in Excel.

To repair, I simply had to delete all *.exd files:

del %temp%\vbe\*.exd

del %temp%\excel8.0\*.exd

del %appdata%\microsoft\forms\*.exd

del %appdata%\microsoft\local\*.exd

del %appdata%\Roaming\microsoft\forms\*.exd

del %temp%\word8.0\*.exd

del %temp%\PPT11.0\*.exd

Everything works again!  Hope this helps you should you receive any other emails regarding this error.


Kind Regards,

Kerry Burke

Below are the reference sites Kerry quoted:



How to get AngularJS intellisense support on ReSharper

Just started to play with AngularJS recently, I quickly notice my Visual Studio 2013 (with JetBrains ReSharper 8.1 installed) does not support code complete and intellisense out of the box for AngularJS.

Thank god, JetBrains released a plugin to fix that. Took me a while to figure out, here’s the steps needed to install the plugin.

How to get AngularJS intellisense on Visual Studio 2013

1. Go to ReSharper > Extension Manager in Visual Studio 2013


2. Search for “AngularJS” on the window and click “Install”


3. Then you are good to go.


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How to integrate MOLPay with SimpleCart

I’m working on an E-Commerce site that uses simpleCart (the popular JavaScript shopping cart framework) and was recently requested by the owner to integrate their newly signup payment gateway – MOLPay.

Notice there’s no official document about the integration, here’s how I did it. Hopefully, the guide below helps someone out there trying to do the same thing.



A little background before I start, the E-Commerce site that I built are powered by ASP MVC. simpleCart is used as the front-end shopping cart system that communicate with ASP MVC at the server side to complete a sales order. Below is the activity flow that happens when a purchase is made:


Overall, the flow can be read as these three main processes

A) Submit Shopping Cart Order

B) Initiate Payment Request

C) Process Payment


A) Submit Shopping Cart Order

This step basically get all the order details and send them to the server side. The details varies based on your implementation of the simpleCart. For my case, here’s the AJAX JavaScript that get all the customer information and order details then send them at once to server side upon “Confirm Purchase” click event is trigger.

B) Initiate Payment Request

To initiate or start MOLPay payment process, a request must be made from my E-Commerce site to MOLPay. This request must be made along with information like total amount of shopping cart order, name of the customer etc.


Information that we need to initiate the Payment Request are:

MerchantId: this is your MOLPay login username

VerificationKey: you can find this verification key in your MOLPay dashboard (after login) in Merchant Profile Tab (find Verify Key)

Amount: total amount that customer need to pay for the order

OrderId: a unique order ID generated by our E-Commerce site

BillName: name of the billed customer

BillEmail: email of the customer

BillMobile: phone number of customer

vCode: vCode is a generated code to validate the data when it arrive at MOLPay server. Refer to the GetVode method below on how to generate the vCode using ASP MVC. MOLPay provide a developer tool to generate and verify the vCode, refer the important links below.


Important links:

MOLPay login: https://www.onlinepayment.com.my/MOLPay/

MOLPay SDK user manual: https://www.onlinepayment.com.my/MOLPay/merchant/PDF/MOLPay_Spec-v11.pdf

MOLPay vCode Developer Tool: https://www.onlinepayment.com.my/MOLPay/query/vcode.php


On top of the shopping cart information, a verification code (named vCode) is required to validate the merchant, request content and to secure the communication between MOLPay and our E-Commerce site.

Here’s the C# code to generate cCode


C) Process Payment

Here’s the ASP MVC code to generate the MOLPay Payment URL and return it to the client browser. Upon receiving the response from the server side, a simple change of browser location will navigate customer from your page to the MOLPay payment page to proceed with the payment of their purchase.



If it’s done correctly, you can see that customer will land on MOLPay Payment Page we per my sample below

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